ARB Awning and Room

Hello from Crucible,

I want to take some time today to tell you about the most versatile piece of equipment we have on our rig. That is the ARB Rollout Awning size 2500×2500. This thing was the absolute best decision we have made towards being able to enjoy the world around us. We have used it Camping, shooting, fishing, family parties, and even a couple of parades. It’s so amazing to head out to the lake or desert and have shade anywhere anytime in less than 2 min. Let me tell you about just one the times this Awning saved the day. We had all gotten together for a family BBQ outside, we pulled out all the stops we had the horses out so the kids could ride around in the fields and the four-wheelers running for the adults. Were we were eating you could only see a portion of the field which made a few of the parents nervous not being able to see their kids on the horses or the four-wheeler except for that small amount of the field we could see. So what were the options stay under the tree in the shade and wonder about the kids safety, or move and stand out in the middle of the day sun. NO I pulled my Xterra out in the field and deployed the shade. We moved the tables and chairs over there and continued our day with piece of mind knowing we  could see the whole field.

I honestly can’t begin to explain just how often I use the awning even when I’m not camping for example one day at work we were out working on or 24ft box truck in the middle of a black top paring lot in July, that was absolutely horrible but I pulled the Xterra over unzipped the awning cover and was back to work with plenty of shade to hide in. We now have the room that attaches to it but I would dare say we will more than likely end up just using the awning with out more than with it. The room is pretty awesome to we have made that the party room/ Extra sleeping space more than a few times as well. It’s funny to watch me and a few friends race to see who can set up their sleeping area quicker. They are setting up the standard 2-3 person dome tent and me with the awning room and awning, its no comparison at all I’m done with that thing before they finish putting the first pole into the tent. I’m going to post a few pictures of the awning with and with out the room down below.

I don’t want to take to much of you time today but I just couldn’t wait to start telling you guys about this thing. The money was well worth it. Forgot to mention how much the 2 dogs love to sit under the awning and just hide out from the heat as well.



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