Huge News Reveal!!!!


Hello everyone at this time I can finally confirm that this blog will be moving from to its own custom domain. The new domain is that is right it has become its own website!!!! I didn’t think that would happen for a fair amount of time, not only has it moved to its own domain it also now has a Facebook page and with in the week will have an Instagram and Twitter account. We started out posting a few videos on YouTube and have grown into something else the YouTube account will remain active and will be an avenue for video reviews for different products as well as some custom builds we have in the works. The website is still being worked on but it will have a store included in it that will give you the option to buy some of the products I review as well as the budget products. I know this wordpress blog has only been up for a little bit but when opportunity knocks you answer that door.

I hope you all will start making the transition to the new location but plan on keeping this page open for the next few weeks maybe even a month or two.

Thanks for checking in, I hope you will continue to go on this journey with me.

Crucible Outdoors.



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